Sunday, November 22, 2009

Coby 2 GB Flash MP3 Player with FM and Color Display (Black)

Coby 2 GB Flash MP3 Player with FM and Color Display (Black)

Coby MP600-2G MP3 Player with 2G Flash Memory with FM and Color Display, 1.44-inch Video LCD display, supports MP3, WMA, MTV, JPEG, TXT, black



pricego said...

I love this model with the high quality music facility ...good gaming advantage and a sleek and competitive look and price.Samsung goes great guns.
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bartleahdylan said...

I like to use sandisc mp3 player but my friends are talking little bit about Coby also as it also gives nice output of both audio and video.
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peter said...

These model is good i like it so much with having a high quality of music facility can be available. It can be in a very competitive price which can easily to affordable.

garry said...

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ramiro said...

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